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Best Supporting Actor

Film Racing is an International Filmmaking Competition that challenges filmmakers of all levels to create an entire short film in a set period of time (72 Hours) and is a subsidiary of the Cobb International Film Festival.

Best Direction - Nut Suwanchote (Gamma)

Best Writing - Richard King and Nut Suwanchote (Gamma)

Best Lead Actor - Iain Craighead (Nothing Left)

Best Lead Actress - Chantalay Cain (Following)

Best Supporting Actor - David Jofre (Gamma)

Best Supporting Actress - Lauren Skeoch (The Judgement Call)

Best Young Actor/Actress - Zoe Inle (Living Creatures)

Best Acting Ensemble - Gamma

Best Cinematography - Nut Suwanchote (Gamma)

Best Editing - Gamma

Best Score - Anointed

Best Visual/Special Effects - Karl Huber (The Judgement Call)

Best Costume Design - Gamma

Best Make-Up - Eric Ondina (The Judgement Call)


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