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Gym owner, actor hopes to inspire other Latinos to pursue their passions

On most evenings you can find David Jofre teaching boxing and other fitness classes at his gym, Axtion Club, in Belltown. The gym has been open since 2011, and Jofre says his aim is to make people feel comfortable and at home there. “David is a great teacher, he’s a great first start and the first coach I’ve ever had, so I’m very impressed and I want to stick with him,” Russell Caswell, a student at the gym, said. Jofre was born and raised in Chile and said he grew up in a gym like his. He said the discipline and perseverance he’s learned in the gym have carried him throughout his life. “In boxing you don’t really lose a fight when you get knocked down. You lose a fight when you get knocked down and you don’t keep fighting,” Jofre said. He said this lesson has given him the confidence to overcome some of his greatest challenges, like when he first came to the U.S. in 2002. He didn’t know much English when he arrived in the States. “I knew very little, muy poquito,” he said. Jofre worked as a news photographer for several years in Spokane and Seattle. He perfected his English by running the teleprompter and with help from one of the anchors. “I said, ‘Bryan, how can I learn more English? What do you think about this idea?’ and I said, ‘I learn three to five words everyday,’ and he said, ‘Yeah, that’s great,’ and then he would help me out. He would ask me questions where I have to use those words,” Jofre said. Despite his time in the news room, Jofre’s dream has always been acting. He decided to go from working behind the camera to starring in front of it. That’s when he decided to open Axtion Gym to help support his acting career.


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